The process of soaking is a much more attentive way of coffee preparation, due to which the drink has 70% less acidity. It is sweeter and milder than regular coffee. It can be served both hot and cold, providing maximal energy source throughout the day. Now available - our new 3L package, which you can slowly consume throughout 2 weeks of opening it.

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It is an ideal choice for preparing filtered drinks. Unique is its preparation as one of the few is fermented for 48 hours and screened. This creates the largest fruity taste profile while leaving minimal acidity.


It is a great base for espresso, the taste profile is balanced. When making coffee with milk, the chocolate chocolate caramel taste is beautiful. Suitable as a blend with our PERU EL PALTO coffee.


Pleasantly balanced tones of dry nuts with light sweetness combined with chocolate. Full body and moderate acidity. The thick espresso creme will be accompanied by an intense aroma. You will also feel the rich profile of filtered coffee.


Coffee with mild acidity, predominantly sweet taste with a light touch of milk chocolate is an ideal form for preparing filtered coffee but also for espresso.


for the year 2020